About Hen weekendsHen weekends

It is a party done for a woman before she is married or a girl’s night out meant for the bride that is getting married the next day. Just like any other party, a hen weekend can involve cocktails and chit chats. Some people might celebrate it in a different way depending on their tradition, and all in all, this party is done in honor of the bride-to-be.

You might be wondering why it is called a hen weekend. It is called a hen weekend because, in the first place, we all know that a hen describes the female version of any bird, and in this case, a hen weekend was used to describe a party that is strictly meant for girls only.

At a hen weekend, you have fun you can decide to organize for a sleepover with your girlfriend’s watching movies all night, have a mini-festival at some garden, organize for an open-air movie, design, have a garden party and have many other sorts of fun.