Have you ever missed a construction site or car dealership and wondered how they managed to lift all these complicated things? Hydraulic jacks are the answer. Unlike most people, heavy lifting is not limited to heavy cranes; however, they are lightweight, portable, and already compact and may surprise you with their effectiveness when it comes to heavy lifting. They really have high power.

The mechanism of the hydraulic jack is based on one simple physical law: in the tank, the fluid pressure is the same at all points. Compressed fluid is pumped into the piston of the cylinder, which, when pulled, draws the same fluid through the pump valve. When the piston drops again, liquid flows to another valve and enters the cylinder. There is a ball in the cylinder and close it to increase pressure. Each reciprocating extractor opens a valve, and the exhaust opens when oil is pushed into the cylinder. Huge pressure builds up in the liquid, which allows the device to easily lift hefty loads. The fluid used is usually oil because it will enable a self-lubricating mechanism.

The industry uses cranes every day because these devices make it easier to lift weights and move under high pressure. Repair, automobile, construction, courier, distribution, warehouse, and storage facilities simply can not do without hydraulic jacks.